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Join us in Sacramento Wednesday, June 27 at 9AM in support of AB 2772


  1. Help us pack the room this Wednesday, June 27 at 9:00 AM in support of AB 2772 the Ethnic Studies bill that will be heard by the Senate Education Committee. AB 2772 will make Ethnic Studies a graduation requirement for all students in the State of California.
  2. Rally and Press Conference at 9:45am directly after the Education Committee's vote. Bring your own signs! Get creative! 
  3. Can't go to Sacramento? Do you know someone in Sacramento who supports Ethnic Studies? Forward this email to them. You can also invite people to the Facebook event

Victory in Oxnard Union High School District


Last night May 16th, at the Oxnard Union High School District, the board voted unanimously to pass our resolution for an Ethnic Studies graduation requirement. By 2020, every freshman in OUHSD will take a required Ethnic Studies course. Further, a senior course will be developed and a curriculum review of the current Chicano Literature course and Mexican American History and Culture course. Students will have up to FOUR courses in Ethnic Studies/Chicana/o Studies to choose from. The board also agreed to develop an Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee, as well as active teacher recruitment of those with Ethnic Studies degrees. 


This is a victory we should all celebrate and be proud of, but now the work begins! Next step: If you are interested in participating for the long haul, save the date: JUNE 5th 5pm OUHSD Board Room for our first meeting to discuss how to develop the Ethnic Studies advisory committee and set an agenda/goals. The committee will be comprised of the original drafters of the resolution, but we will want input from the community!

Also, please forward this information to any media contacts. We want the good news to spread, via the local paper etc. We need to build a campaign educating the community about what is Ethnic Studies.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Jennie Luna, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Chicana/o Studies
CSU Channel Islands, located on the traditional territories of the Chumash Nation 

TEXT of AB 2016 as signed into law on September 13, 2016

Here is the text of AB 2016 (Alejo) as signed into law by Governor Brown on September 13, 2016:


MEDIA RELEASE - AB 2016 is signed into law by Gov. Brown!

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Jose Lara (213) 321-5020

               Sean Abajian (818) 480-2622

               Javier San Roman (714) 606-7280


Tuesday, September 13, 2016 -- Governor Brown just signed AB-2016 Ethnic Studies sponsored by CA Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Salinas). AB-2016 will establish a model ethnic studies curriculum for all schools in the state of California.


This is the first of its kind in the nation, and follows the lead of multiple local districts, including; El Rancho Unified, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland and over 25 other local districts who have established, expanded or made ethnic studies a graduation requirement locally.


This is an historic moment for the state of California and was in part due to the work of the statewide advocacy of the Ethnic Studies Now Coalition. Starting with making Ethnic Studies a graduation requirement in El Rancho Unified, the first in the state, the Ethnic Studies Now Coalition has been working with multiple districts to bring Ethnic Studies to California Schools.


We have also been working closely with Assemblyman Luis Alejo in advocating for AB-2016.


“We are thankful to have the leadership of Assemblyman Luis Alejo who has been a champion for Ethnic Studies in the state legislature. Without his leadership this bill would have never passed. This is a win for all students in California and recognizes the diversity of today’s students.” -- Jose Lara, Coordinator, Ethnic Studies Now Coalition


This curriculum will be developed with participation from ethnic studies faculty at California universities and public school teachers who have a background in teaching ethnic studies.


AB-2016 directs the IQC to draft and submit a model curriculum to the SBE by June 30, 2019 and the SBE to adopt a model curriculum by Nov. 30, 2019.


Once adopted, school districts and charter schools that don’t already have a standards-based ethnic studies program would be encouraged to offer a course based on the model curriculum to high school students as a social sciences or English language arts elective.


According to a recent research out of Stanford University, student who took Ethnic Studies Courses in San Francisco Unified schools raised their G.P.A. by 1.4 grade points, attendance by 21 percentage points, and credits earned by 23. <>


"To ask a student to study a world in which they cannot see themselves is to relegate them to a blindness of the soul and a crippling of the spirit. A model ethnic studies curriculum is a momentous step towards repairing the breach." -- Javier San Román, Steering Committee Member, Ethnic Studies Now Coalition


ABOUT ETHNIC STUDIES NOW COALITION (ESNC) -- ESNC is an independent, grassroots coalition formed in 2014, which has grown to 20,000+ supporters across California and beyond, including teachers, parents, students, academics, elected officials and non-profits. Using the latest in campaign technology, ESNC supporters have sent thousands of emails and letters and placed thousands of calls to elected officials in support of expanding Ethnic Studies in California. Local chapters of Ethnic Studies Now have sprung up across California helping communities pass resolutions in support of expanding ethnic studies to over 25 California school districts. For more information, visit:



Outreach to Governor's Office for AB 2016

Updates: AB 2016, passed Senate Appropriations (5-2). Now we need to start preparing for the next step which is to reach out to the Governor’s Office as the bill moves forward through Senate and back to Assembly for its final passage.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a sample letter addressed to the Governor. Please send this letter directly to the Governor and email us a photo of the letter: [email protected]

We need to start sending these letters as soon as possible, do not wait until the bill is enrolled (i.e. passes both houses). 


Dr. Nolan Cabrera's Ethnic Studies presentation to LAUSD

May 3, 2016 Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Nolan Cabrera was invited by the Ethnic Studies Now Coalition to speak to the LAUSD Board of Education's Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Equity Committee Meeting. LAUSD is the second largest school district in the nation. Dr. Cabrera is a tenured professor at the University of Arizona and flew in for the day from Tucson, AZ to be at the meeting.


April 12 Rally @ LAUSD Board Meeting