Action Alert: Coachella Valley USD to vote on Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement

Action Alert: Coachella Valley USD to vote on Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement
Tuesday, Nov. 10th 2015.
Meeting starts at 6:30pm
Bobby Duke Middle School
85-358 Bagdad Avenue Coachella, CA.

For those in the area please come out and support. For those who are not in the area sign the online petition at:

The resolution calls for a 10 credit (year long) A-G approved course in the field of Ethnic Studies as a graduation requirement.  Teachers, students and parents formed an Ethnic Studies Now Coalition and have been organizing for months. It will finally go to the school board for a final vote.

Despite the Governor’s Veto the Ethnic Studies Movement continues to grow! 

Oakland Passed Resolution Calling for Ethnic Studies in all OUSD schools!

We want to get a quick shout out to the Oakland Unified School District who became the latest school district passing a resolution creating an ethnic studies program in every high school in the district! Well done Oakland USD!


You can read all about it here: 


Inland Empire Continues to Organize for Ethnic Studies Now!

The Coalition for Ethnic Studies in the Inland Empire recently organized a speak out at the San Bernardino City USD board meeting and was met with large support. The SBCUSD voted to approve a contract to begin developing Ethnic Studies courses and the majority of the board spoke in favor of Ethnic Studies. Board members spoke in support of looking at current graduation requirements in the policy committee to see if they could add Ethnic Studies. The organizing will continue!

You can read about it here:



The movement for Ethnic Studies moves across the country!

Check out Asian American Students organize for Ethnic Studies in Portland Oregon:




Shout out to AFT Executive Vice President Mary Cathryn Ricker for this great article in support of Ethnic Studies:

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