Feb 21 Ethnic Studies Now Student Conference

ESN Youth NOW Youth Summit Program
Saturday, February 21, 2015

9:00 Welcome: MC

9:10 Opening Ceremony: Danza Cuauhtémoc

9:30 ESN Campaign (LAUSD) PPT/Slideshow

9:40 Keynote Speaker: Jose Lara, Vice President, El Rancho Unified School Board, Member, Union del Barrio

9:55 Keynote Speaker: Michelle Thomas, Pedro Tavera, Co-Chairs, MEChA de Maya Angelou High School

10:10 Malcolm X Tribute: 50th Anniversary of Assassination

10:20 Workshops:

A) Demanding ESN in LAUSD: Presenters: Youth from The Strategy Center, Maya Angelou HS, Roosevelt HS

B) How can Parents and Teachers get involved? Presenters: Base Paulo Freire, Union del Barrio

C) Organize for ESN in your community! (Non-LAUSD): Presenter: Sean Abajian, Coordinator, Ethnic Studies NOW Coalition

11:30 LUNCH

12:10 Report-back from workshops

12:40 Summit Resolutions

1:30 End of Summit




In November, we made history in Los Angeles. After months of organizing, we were able to get the LAUSD Board of Education to make Ethnic Studies a requirement for high school graduation. It was a wonderful victory for our community but the real work is still to come and this is why we need YOUR help!

LAUSD voted to implement Ethnic Studies courses at 25 high schools next year as part of a pilot program and at ALL LAUSD high schools by 2019. This summit is meant to bring students together from as many different LAUSD high schools as possible to create a plan to demand Ethnic Studies courses at each campus. We cannot just sit back and wait on LAUSD to deliver these courses; we must demand them so that our campuses get the courses as soon as possible.

We call on all LAUSD high school teachers to bring students from your campus to this summit so that your students can connect with other students to advance this movement. Our objective is to create a strong demand from the students across the district. This will pressure the district to provide the resources necessary to implement these courses as soon as possible.

Let's keep up the organizing! Let's grow the momentum to insure that Ethnic Studies in Los Angeles is a major success so that it serves the interests of our communities and so that it becomes a model for the rest of the nation to follow! Please help us to spread the word about this summit!

Info on speakers, workshops...etc will be released

This event is being organized by Union del Barrio and MEChA de Santee but we aim for it to be a collaboration between as many organizations as possible.

February 21, 2015 at 9:00am - 1:30pm
Santee Educational Complex
1921 Maple Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90011
United States
Google map and directions
Felicia Gomez Verdin Kitty Brown Art Aracelia Alvarez Gaby Hernandez Francisco Romero Andy Su Elias Serna Miguel M. Chavez Roberto Alejandro Mora Alex Aldana Lawrence Rey Jorge Lopez Jefferson Azevedo Mujeres de Maiz Mary Lou Finley Jaime Segall-Gutierrez Marisol Cruz Raquel Román Fe Evaone Steven Moreno-Terrill Preks La James Louis Cartwright Iv Lucy Montes John Morales Osuna Estiben Maya Mex Johnny Carlos Ramirez Mary Valdemar Mikey Paisley Lor Cur Sean Abajian Lylliam Posadas Terri Kay Michelle Zenarosa Yo So Greg Butterfield Walter Santizo Cervantes Clinton Clad-johnson Erick Carbajal Javier San Roman David Sotero Solis Ernesto Ayala Daniel Salcido Manuel Reyes Johnny Dadich Maricela Lopez Samayoa Sinnai Avila Armaynia Golosa

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    Let's keep the movements connected ... AZ, CA, TX ... Court of Appeals case was historic this last Monday (decision within a month, overturning AZ or criminalizing [email protected] Studies) ... Three Sonorans providing great video/coverage of the Saturday Ethnic Studies Summit in SF and Federal Appeals Trial (CSPAN also taped it) http://threesonorans.com/…/video-chicana-plaintiffs-ethni…/…
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    DISMANTLING: The Doctrine of Discovery and US Citizenship “In People v. Pablo De La Guerra (1870), attorneys for the state attempted to deny the political rights of a citizen by arguing that he was not part of the population who received citizenship under the Fourteenth Amendment. Though De La Guerra won the suit and was able to prove that his Indian lineage was too insignificant to rescind his classification as a white person, the state supreme court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment did not apply to Mexicans who were clearly of Indian descent. If Mexican immigrants wanted to become naturalized, they had to prove they were eligible to apply because they were White, they also had to prove they were not Indian because the naturalization eligibility excluded Indians. In effect the naturalization process discouraged Mexican immigrants from asserting their Indigenous heritage within the legal system.” http://cdb-tonatierra.blogspot.com/2013/07/dismantling-us-citizenship-and.html
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