Student Resolutions from Feb 21 Ethnic Studies Summit

Ethnic Studies Now Summit Resolutions:


1. Inform the community about the Ethnic Studies Now Campaign. Leaflet flyers in your neighborhoods, schools, etc.

2. Educators and Parents: Commit to creating a space for dialogue and learning about the Ethnic Studies Now Campaign.

3. Commit to circulate the Ethnic Studies Now petition and letter.

4. Connect with College and University for curriculum and resource support.

5. Wear the Ethnic Studies Now campaign red shirts to the UTLA Teacher Rally this Thursday, February 26 at Grand Park at 4pm. Click here for rally info:

6. Utilize social media to spread the word about the Ethnic Studies Now Campaign and the state Assembly Bill 101. Support by doing the following:

- Sign the online petition, and or text AB101 to (213) 267-9031 or (916) 623-4866

- Post a selfie on the Ethnic Studies Now campaign Facebook page:

- Take a photo of the flyer and share. Click on image below to download PDF:


7. Students/Youth commit to recruit family members to join the Ethnic Studies Now Campaign:

- Inform your parents or guardians on what the ESN Campaign is.

- Ask them to support the ESN Campaign.

- Take them to the next ESN Campaign event or action.


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