Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

Here are resources which the SMMUSD board approved in March 2013:

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  • Elias Serna
    commented 2015-02-03 13:20:59 -0800
    Thanks for posting this. For the record, this proposal was the result of pressure from the INTERCULTURAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE on which I served as the first elected co-chair, then as part of the Curriculum sub-committee… We proposed the development of an ETHNIC STUDIES DEPARTMENT (in order to provide Ethnic Studies at ALL LEVELS) and this would entail investments (TIME AND MONEY) and WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY which the District people DID NOT WANT TO DO… which is why they created ONE class for seniors and threw our proposal in to the trash and NEVER MET WITH ANY OF US (even though we repeatedly asked to meet about the proposal). Most of the students at Olympic high school are Latino boys, the majority students of color, and most are there for academic reasons, which is why teaching one class at the senior level DOES NOT address the real education issues of Brown and Black youth. SMMUSD, although a pioneer in local Ethnic Studies, is also a TERRIBLE EXAMPLE OF SCHOOLS WORKING WITH COMMUNITY. SMMUSD seems primarily concerned with serving the needs of the North of Montana and wealthy and white students and catering to their parents. The struggle continues …