Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of course will it be?

The requirement would be a one-semester length, 5 credit earning, A-G approved course that all students would take in the field of Ethnic Studies.


How will this new course requirement be implemented?

There will be a 3-year implementation process with a pilot program during the first year to ensure a smooth transition into the new requirements. There will also be an oversight committee that will oversee the implementation of the program.


Does this course increase the number of credits students need to graduate?

No. The resolution specifically calls for no increases in the number of credits needed to graduate. In fact, LAUSD recently lowered the number of credits needed to graduate from 230 this current school year to 210 beginning with the class of 2017. LAUSD also recently removed previously required Life Skills Course. This leaves ample room in students’ schedules to include Ethnic Studies.


Will the Ethnic Studies course replace World History or Social Studies?

No. Ethnic Studies will not replace any course. Students must still pass A-G approved courses in World History, U.S. History, Government and Economics. However, one of any of a number of A-G approved Ethnic Studies courses will now also be required as a mandatory elective. This is very similar to the Health course, which is also an elective requirement except, the Health course is not A-G approved and unlike Ethnic Studies will not help students get into college.


Is there just one “Ethnic Studies” course, or will there be choices?

Each school community would be able to choose from a variety of courses, and decide which one best suits their school and the strengths of their staff.  Some schools may choose a Chicano Studies course, while others may choose an African American Literature or Asian American Literature, or other course depending on their school needs and staffing.  Other schools may decide that a survey course of all Ethnic groups, such as LAUSD’s A-G approved, America’s Intercultural Heritage course may be the best fit for their campus.


What are some of the current Ethnic Studies Courses LAUSD?

There are already many LAUSD A-G approved Ethnic Studies courses, including: Asian Lit., Honors Asian Lit, African American Lit., Honors African American Lit., Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Mexican American Studies, Mexican American Lit., Honors Mexican American Lit., Literature of Minorities in America, Honors Literature of Minorities in America, African American History, American Indian History. Once the Ethnic Studies requirement passes, more can be added.


What is the curriculum?

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field that looks at the knowledge and perspectives of a marginalized ethnic or racial group, reflecting viewpoints rooted in that group’s experiences and intellectual scholarship.


I have another question, where can I submit it?

You can add it as a comment to this page or email your question to [email protected]

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